The Union Law

It is determined that the artist :

- must posses his artist card or assistant pyrotechnician or Pyrotechnician card
- will present himself at place of practice and show at the hour determined by the producer
- must respect the security perimeter established by the producer
- find a clear and safe spot where he can dip his fire tools, far from any heat source
- must respect the amout of shows on the contract, no less no more
- must perform in any weather condition summer as winter
- must be curtious with the client at all times
- will not consume any drugs or alcool before, during and after the show
- will not do a show unless specified accord of the owner of the place
- will not leave any flammable objects or garbage behind ( leave no trace )
- will not leave any flammable objects or garbage behind ( leave no trace )
- must be at least 16 years old
- will only do the promotion of the Union du Feu and will have to pass by the Union du Feu for any further gig with the same client
- must bring his own music except if the producer specifies otherwise
- is responsable for bringing his own fire instruments, dipping bowl, his fire extinguisher, wet towels, fire retardent, fire blanket, make-up, costumes, protection cream, his fuel ( combustible )and pyrotechnics.
- Is responsible for bringing and paying his own assistant
- Is responsible for his own transportation and fuel within a 100km radius of montreal.A special perdiem will be paid for any exceding km.
- Must always stay in prevention mode to ameliorate the security of the public and inforce national and internationl security in regulation with the DRE
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